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The Secret She Kept thumbnail
The Secret She Kept eAudiobook
Amelia Carr / Penelope Freeman Available 18th October 2021

Fearless Felicity Penrose thrives on adventure: she's one of the most experienced female sailors in ..

A Brighter Day Tomorrow thumbnail
A Brighter Day Tomorrow eAudiobook
Pam Evans / Annie Aldington Available 2nd October 2021

Despite air raids and rationing in wartime London sisters Liz and Dora Beck find time for fun and la..

Bessie's War thumbnail
Bessie's War eAudiobook
Pam Evans / Annie Aldington

1940. As the bombs rain down on London a close-knit community struggles to survive. Working at the l..

The Doorstep Child thumbnail
The Doorstep Child eAudiobook
Annie Murray / Annie Aldington Available 7th October 2021

Evie spent her early years left outside on the step. With a drunk for a father and a neglectful moth..

The Carpenter's Children thumbnail
The Carpenter's Children eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Anne Dover Available 25th September 2021

On the eve of the First World War carpenter Tom Munday is content with his lot: he's been blessed wi..

A Time for Renewal thumbnail
A Time for Renewal eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin

In the wake of World War Two the whole country is desperate for houses with very little money availa..

A Time to Remember thumbnail
A Time to Remember eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin

1945. War is over and people are celebrating but in the small town of Rivenshaw in Lancashire Judith..

Ambulance Girls thumbnail
Ambulance Girls eAudiobook
Deborah Burrows / Margaret Sircom

On duty during London's Blitz.....

A Family's Duty thumbnail
A Family's Duty eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Anne Dover

1938 Britain and Germany are on the brink of war and tension and fear is felt throughout Europe. In ..

A Burracombe Easter thumbnail
A Burracombe Easter eAudiobook
Lilian Harry / Anne Dover

On Easter day in 1918 Frances Kemp looked out at the little thatched village and promised that one d..

A Valley Dream thumbnail
A Valley Dream eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin

1935. At 36 Bella Porter is dependent on her abusive cousin Thomas acting as his unpaid servant. But..

The Miner's Lass thumbnail
The Miner's Lass eAudiobook
Glenda Young / Janine Birkett

A life of poverty in a cramped pit cottage is all that 17-year-old Ruby Dinsdale has known. Even wit..

The Child From the Ash Pits thumbnail
The Child From the Ash Pits eAudiobook
Chrissie Walsh / Julie Maisey

In the aftermath of the General Strike times are tough for coal miners and their families. When Call..

There is a Season thumbnail
There is a Season eAudiobook
Elizabeth Murphy / Julie Maisey

Cathy is glad to have her husband back now the Great War is over. Struggling to keep the peace Cathy..

The Five Shilling Children thumbnail
The Five Shilling Children eAudiobook
Lindsey Hutchinson / Charlie Sanderson

Adam and Polly Fitch face a bleak future after being sold for just five shillings to Miss Reed's orp..