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Death in Focus thumbnail
Death in Focus eAudiobook
Anne Perry / Polly Edsell Available 15th February 2023

1933. Europe is a place of increasing fear and violence. Young British photographer Elena Standish i..

Death's Dark Valley thumbnail
Death's Dark Valley eAudiobook
Paul Doherty / Richard Burnip

1311. Edward I is dead but at Holyrood Abbey the old king's former bodyguards protect his relics and..

The Camden Murder thumbnail
The Camden Murder eAudiobook
Mike Hollow / Simon Mattacks

As dawn breaks on a chilly morning in November 1940 a car is found ablaze in an abandoned builder's ..

Death on the Down Beat thumbnail
Death on the Down Beat eAudiobook
Sebastian Farr / Simon Mattacks

As a rousing Strauss piece is reaching its crescendo in Maningpool Civic Hall the talented yet obnox..

Murder at Aldwych Station thumbnail
Murder at Aldwych Station eAudiobook
Jim Eldridge / David Thorpe

December 1940. With the Luftwaffe pounding the city nightly Londoners seek refuge in underground sta..

A Gift of Poison thumbnail
A Gift of Poison eAudiobook
Bella Ellis / Kristin Atherton

Haworth 1847 - Anne and Emily Brontë have had their books accepted for publication while Charlotte'..

Murder at the Natural History Museum thumbnail
Murder at the Natural History Museum eAudiobook
Jim Eldridge / Gordon Griffin

London 1895. Daniel Wilson and Abigail Fenton have been hired by the Natural History Museum to find ..

Death with a Double Edge thumbnail
Death with a Double Edge eAudiobook
Anne Perry / Christopher Bonwell

May 1911. Daniel Pitt is summoned to a murder scene in the slums of London's East End. He identifies..

One Fatal Flaw thumbnail
One Fatal Flaw eAudiobook
Anne Perry / Christopher Bonwell

It is 1910 and a warehouse fire on the banks of the Thames has left one criminal dead and another ch..

The Wolves Of Savernake thumbnail
The Wolves Of Savernake eAudiobook
Edward Marston / David Thorpe

Ralph Delchard a soldier who fought at the Battle of Hastings and Gervase Bret a talented lawyer hav..

I Saw Him Die thumbnail
I Saw Him Die eAudiobook
Andrew Wilson / Joan Walker

Who saw him die? I said the fly with my little eye. I saw him die. An astonishingly beautiful settin..

The Blitz Detective thumbnail
The Blitz Detective eAudiobook
Mike Hollow / Simon Mattacks Available 27th February 2023

September 1940. The sun is shining and in the midst of the good weather Londoners could be mistaken ..

The Wildcats of Exeter thumbnail
The Wildcats of Exeter eAudiobook
Edward Marston / David Thorpe

Nicolas Picard is riding home from Exeter when he's attacked by a snarling wildcat. Yet when the bod..

A Mansion for Murder thumbnail
A Mansion for Murder eAudiobook
Frances Brody / Anne Dover

Yorkshire 1930. Intrigued by a mysterious letter from a stranger Private Investigator Kate Shackleto..

A Haunting at Holkham thumbnail
A Haunting at Holkham eAudiobook
Anne Glenconner / Miranda Raison

January 1950. Lady Anne Coke daughter of the 5th Earl of Leicester is called home after a sudden dea..