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Happy Dreams at Mermaid Cove thumbnail
Happy Dreams at Mermaid Cove eAudiobook
Marie Laval / Sarah Barron

Soundings and Choc Lit present the audio edition of Happy Dreams at Mermaid Cove. When Jenna Palmer ..

Sunrise by the Sea thumbnail
Sunrise by the Sea eAudiobook
Jenny Colgan / Catrin Walker-Booth

Marisa Rosso is struggling. Since the death of her beloved grandfather back home in Italy she can't ..

Time Will Tell thumbnail
Time Will Tell eAudiobook
Rhonda Forrest / Melle Stewart

When Jess discovered love with Daniel in the tiny outback town of Gowrie her previous troubled life ..

A Midwinter Match thumbnail
A Midwinter Match eAudiobook
Jane Lovering / Rose Robinson

Ruby Oldbridge needs to learn to take her own advice. A brilliant counsellor at work in York she is ..

Snowflakes Over the Starfish Café thumbnail
Snowflakes Over the Starfish Café eAudiobook
Jessica Redland / Lucy Brownhill Gareth Bennett-Ryan

Two broken hearts.Since she inherited The Starfish Café Hollie has poured her heart into the busine..

We Belong Together thumbnail
We Belong Together eAudiobook
Beth Moran / Marie Lawrence

Needing to escape her London life quickly Eleanor throws her things into the back of her car and hea..

Brief Ecstasy thumbnail
Brief Ecstasy eAudiobook
Denise Robins / Karen Cass

Rosemary takes a job in Spain as a companion to Mercedes Lamanda. Then on the brief few hours’ tra..

Never Too Late thumbnail
Never Too Late eAudiobook
Betty Neels / Anne Cater

She was not going to exchange one dull life for another! Far from being broken hearted when her long..

Staying at Daisy's thumbnail
Staying at Daisy's eAudiobook
Jill Mansell / Penelope Freeman

Daisy MacLean runs the country house hotel owned by her flamboyant father Hector. When she hears who..

Tell the Girl thumbnail
Tell the Girl eAudiobook
Sandra Howard / Jilly Bond

Married four times Susannah Forbes had a starry career as a top model. Now with an instinctive eye f..

The Night That Changed Everything thumbnail
The Night That Changed Everything eAudiobook
Laura Tait; Jimmy Rice / Anna Parker-Naples David Thorpe

Ever since Rebecca mistook Ben for a bartender in a busy bar and asked him for a drink everyone has ..

Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage thumbnail
Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage eAudiobook
Milly Johnson / Colleen Prendergast

Viv arrives at Wildflower Cottage a tumbledown animal sanctuary for the summer. Her job is to help w..

The Dark Side of the Heart thumbnail
The Dark Side of the Heart eAudiobook
David Wiltshire / Penelope Freeman

When Jean Sinclair’s parents are killed in an accident she travels from the US to Scotland to trac..

Tug of Love thumbnail
Tug of Love eAudiobook
Penny Jordan / Patience Tomlinson

Life wasn’t easy as a single parent but somehow Win had managed to raise a child that any parent c..

Perfect Marriage Material thumbnail
Perfect Marriage Material eAudiobook
Penny Jordan / Patience Tomlinson

A perfect family…but shocking revelations and heartache lie just beneath the surface of their char..