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Playing With Death eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow/Lee Francis / Stephanie Cannon

FBI Special Agent Rose Blake has faced evil and survived. Haunted by a failed undercover mission, Ro..

The Baby Snatcher eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Simon Mattacks

When 15-year-old Marilyn Howe turns up alone and frightened on Inspector Ramsay's doorstep he has li..

Class Murder eAudiobook
Leigh Russell / Zara Ramm

When two people are murdered, their only connection lies buried in the past. As police search for th..

A Brush With Death eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

When millionaire Leo Speight is found poisoned at his Ayrshire mansion, Police Scotland has a tough ..

The Woman In The Woods eAudiobook
John Connolly / Jeff Harding Available 11th March 2019

It is spring, and the body of a young Jewish woman is discovered buried in the Maine woods. It is cl..

The Healers eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Simon Mattacks

News of the murder first came to Inspector Stephen Ramsay early on Monday morning. They found the st..

Lord James Harrington And The Winter Mystery eAudiobook
Lynn Florkiewicz / David Thorpe

1957. Lord James Harrington and his wife, Beth, run a country hotel in the village of Cavendish, dee..

Damaged eAudiobook
Martina Cole / Annie Aldington

When the bodies of missing schoolgirls start turning up, former DCI Kate Burrows is dragged out of r..

Y Is For Yesterday eAudiobook
Sue Grafton / Liza Ross

1979: four teenage boys from an elite private school sexually assault a classmate ? and film the att..

Open Arms eAudiobook
Vince Cable / Sean Barrett

Kate Thompson ?- glamorous housewife-turned-MP -? surprises everyone with her meteoric rise at Westm..

Prague Nights eAudiobook
Benjamin Black / Seán Barrett

Prague, 1599. Christian Stern, a young doctor, has just arrived in the city. On his first evening, h..

Sleeping In The Ground eAudiobook
Peter Robinson / Mark Meadows

A shocking mass murder occurs at a wedding in a small Dales church and a huge manhunt follows. Event..

After The Fire eAudiobook
Henning Mankell / Seán Barrett

Fredrik Welin is a 70-year-old retired doctor. Years ago he retreated to the Swedish archipelago, wh..

Did You See Melody eAudiobook
Sophie Hannah / Willow Nash

Pushed to breaking point, Cara Burrows abandons her family and escapes to a five-star spa resort she..

State Secrets eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

Former Chief Constable Bob Skinner is long out of the police force but trouble has a habit of follow..