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The Honour of Rome thumbnail
The Honour of Rome eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble

AD 59. Fifteen years after he fought Britannia's barbarians during the Roman invasion Centurion Macr..

The Solomon Curse thumbnail
The Solomon Curse eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Russell Blake / Jeff Harding

In the clear blue waters of the Solomon Islands the ruins of an ancient city have lain undisturbed f..

The Striker thumbnail
The Striker eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Justin Scott / Jeff Harding

It is 1902 and Isaac Bell is investigating sabotage in a West Virginia coal mine. But when he stops ..

The Assassin thumbnail
The Assassin eAudiobook
Clive Cussler; Justin Scott / Jeff Harding

Kansas 1905. On a new well out on the plains an assassin's bullet kills oilman Spike Hopewell. Minut..

Dunstan thumbnail
Dunstan eAudiobook
Conn Iggulden / Geoffrey Beevers

In the year 937 King Æthelstan grandson of Alfred the Great readies himself to throw a great spear ..

Sisters of the Lost Marsh thumbnail
Sisters of the Lost Marsh eAudiobook
Lucy Strange / Lucy Strange

On a poor farm six motherless sisters - Grace Willa Freya and triplets Deedee Darcy and Dolly - live..

The Santa List thumbnail
The Santa List eAudiobook
Kieran Crowley / John Cormack

When Aisling and Joe antagonise their tough new babysitter she writes to Santa asking for them to be..

The Hippo at the End of the Hall thumbnail
The Hippo at the End of the Hall eAudiobook
Helen Cooper / Mark Milligan

The invitation was delivered by bees. It wasn't addressed to anyone at all but Ben knew it was for h..

Honour thumbnail
Honour eAudiobook
Jack Ludlow / David Thorpe

Justinian the Byzantine Emperor is desperate to revive the empire's glory. Among his actions to this..

Keeper of Secrets thumbnail
Keeper of Secrets eAudiobook
Sarah J. Dodd / Deryn Edwards

Eleven-year-old Emily doesn't think Badger Cottage - where she's had to move with her vet father aft..

Tudor Tangle thumbnail
Tudor Tangle eAudiobook
Steven Vinacour / Steven Vinacour

When Ted accidentally discovers (don't ask!) that his toilet allows him to travel back in time to an..

Bin Boy thumbnail
Bin Boy eAudiobook
Tom Vaughan / Sam Newton

10-year-old Billy's mum has just remarried and his new stepdad Phil is smarmy and try-hard. . .even ..

Aarti & the Blue Gods thumbnail
Aarti & the Blue Gods eAudiobook
Jasbinder Bilan / Nikki Patel

Aarti has lived on the island with Aunt for as long as she can remember. Like the weather Aunt rules..

Blood's Game thumbnail
Blood's Game eAudiobook
Angus Donald / Damian Lynch

Winter 1670. Holcroft Blood has entered the employ of the powerful Duke of Buckingham. It is here th..

Lost and Found thumbnail
Lost and Found eAudiobook
Oliver Jeffers / Paul McGann

See the boy and the penguin dramatically spring to life in this fantastic pop-up edition of the awar..