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A Spy by Nature thumbnail
A Spy by Nature eAudiobook
Charles Cumming / Charlie Anson

Alec Milius is young, smart and ambitious - with a talent for deception. When a chance encounter ope..

A Tiger Tale thumbnail
A Tiger Tale eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Rosie Jones

Kate's grandfather has died and she's missing him desperately. Her Mum wants Kate to talk about it, ..

The Shelter Puppy thumbnail
The Shelter Puppy eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Sue Jenkins

As part of her school's community week, Kaitlyn visits her local animal shelter. There she falls in ..

A Home For Molly thumbnail
A Home For Molly eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Victoria Fox Available 24th November 2019

On holiday at the seaside, Anya is excited when she meets a friendly family with children her own ag..

The World's Worst Children 3 thumbnail
The World's Worst Children 3 eAudiobook
David Walliams / David Walliams & Jon Culshaw & Nitin Ganatra & James Goode & Jocelyn Jee Esien Available 13th November 2019

From the phenomenal number-one bestseller David Walliams comes another collection of more hilariousl..

Boogie Bear thumbnail
Boogie Bear eAudiobook
David Walliams / David Walliams & Jocelyn Jee Esien Available 21st November 2019

Up at the North Pole, a big furry polar bear is swimming, fishing and eating. But when she nods off ..

Don't Tell thumbnail
Don't Tell eAudiobook
Karen Rose / Jeff Harding

Desperate Mary Grace Winters knew the only way to save herself and her child from her abusive husban..

Holding thumbnail
Holding eAudiobook
Graham Norton / Author

The remote Irish village of Duneen has known little drama; and yet its inhabitants are troubled. Ser..

We Should All Be Feminists thumbnail
We Should All Be Feminists eAudiobook
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A personal and powerful essay from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the bestselling author of Americanah an..

Line Of Fire thumbnail
Line Of Fire eAudiobook
Andy Mcnab / Paul Thornley

Backed into a corner by a man he knows he cannot trust, ex-deniable operator Nick Stone strikes a de..

So Many Ways to Begin thumbnail
So Many Ways to Begin eAudiobook
Jon McGregor / Matt Bates

LONGLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE David Carter cannot help but wish for more: that his wife Eleano..

Hiding In Plain Sight thumbnail
Hiding In Plain Sight eAudiobook
Susan Lewis / Julia Franklin

Andee Lawrence is in heaven. Well, the South of France to be exact. Ex-detective Andee has swapped f..

Scarlet Women thumbnail
Scarlet Women eAudiobook
Jessie Keane / Karen Cass

She was a madam in a brothel, then a gangster's moll. Now Annie Carter owns the East End of London, ..

The Last Chickenpig thumbnail
The Last Chickenpig eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / David Thorpe

Born to Be Wild began with the death of Oz Blackstone, movie hero and idol of millions, and tells ho..

Three Little Monkeys thumbnail
Three Little Monkeys eAudiobook
Quentin Blake / Olivia Colman Available 29th November 2019

Hilda Snibbs had three little monkeys. Their names were Tim and Sam and Lulu. They were very lively...