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Long Journey To Deep Canon thumbnail
Long Journey To Deep Canon eAudiobook
T.T. Flynn / Jeff Harding

In the title story of this Western quartet, a man must fight tough odds to find out who paid a convi..

Wanted Men thumbnail
Wanted Men eAudiobook
Walt Coburn / Robert G. Slade

In this Western duo, there is one million dollars' worth of gold bullion to be found, and a youth la..

Rifle Pass thumbnail
Rifle Pass eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding


The Bloody Quarter thumbnail
The Bloody Quarter eAudiobook
Les Savage Jr. / Jeff Harding

Previously unsuccessful businessman Paul Hagar manages to secure the most sought after quarter secti..

Death Of A Cattle King thumbnail
Death Of A Cattle King eAudiobook
Wayne D. Overholser / Jeff Harding

Life is difficult enough for Sam Holt with the neighbouring ranches warring over turf, authority and..

Patterson thumbnail
Patterson eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

This Western Duo from Lauran Paine includes tales of murder, cattle rustling and law men. Two storie..

Dry Bones In The Valley thumbnail
Dry Bones In The Valley eAudiobook
William Macleod Raine / Jeff Harding

Fen Yont wanted it all - all the cattle, all the range, the biggest part of Arizona territory. One m..

Treasures Of The Sun thumbnail
Treasures Of The Sun eAudiobook
T.V. Olsen / Jeff Harding

Sir Wilbur Tennington sets out on a quest for a lost Incan city. Fraught with danger, he is accompan..

Sign Of The Hawk thumbnail
Sign Of The Hawk eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

In this Western Duo, we see a young man resolve to ride a stallion, considered by all as a man-kille..

Soldier In Buckskin thumbnail
Soldier In Buckskin eAudiobook
Ray Hogan / Jeff Harding

This historical saga depicts the legendary pioneer Kit Carson during his years as a fur trapper, whe..

Tumbleweeds thumbnail
Tumbleweeds eAudiobook
Will Henry / Jeff Harding

A collection of frontier stories which includes tales of Frank and Jesse James, Cole Younger and his..

Man On A Red Horse thumbnail
Man On A Red Horse eAudiobook
Fred Grove / Jeff Harding

Jesse Wilder has witnessed more than his share of violence; now all he wants is peace. Then comes a ..

Trouble's Messenger thumbnail
Trouble's Messenger eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Peter Messenger is out to avenge the death of man called Adams, challenging the killer, a Blackfoot ..

Guns Of Vengeance thumbnail
Guns Of Vengeance eAudiobook
Lewis B. Patten / Jeff Harding

When heat and drought take their toll on owner of the Double R, Walt Rand, he decides to take action..

Death Rides The Denver Stage thumbnail
Death Rides The Denver Stage eAudiobook
Lewis B. Patten / Jeff Harding

Against the backdrop of civil strife and treachery, men and women alike are caught up in the despera..